24 Days of R: Day 24

OK, so I phoned it in last night. Final post and maybe this one will be a bit better. Can't recall what got me thinking about it, but I was running over the issue of school performance and the erroneous notion that small class sizes will produce better students. This is occasionally debunked, but I [...]

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24 Days of R: Day 23

Penultimate post, I'm going to take a quick look at the Gini indicator for wealth inequality. Data comes from the World Bank. I've downloaded the zipped file, decompressed it and given it a different name. I'm going to read the data and melt it. This will give us a decent set of data. How does [...]

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24 Days of R: Day 22

I like to use Goodreads to keep track of which books I'm reading (and not reading). They very helpfully sent me an e-mail to inform me how many books I've read so far in 2013. The number is 19. Hardly an impressive number, but between job, family and trying to develop my R skills, I'm [...]

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24 Days of R: Day 21

I drove through Tennessee today. Despite having grown up in Kentucky, I had never really noticed the Tennessee flag, but earlier this year, while in Nashville, I saw it and thought it was one of the cooler state flags. I downloaded a PNG file of the flag from wikicommons and tried to do what I [...]

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24 Days of R: Day 20

Some time ago, I was doing some analysis and trying to determine whether or not there was a predictive variable for a binomial response. I ran logistic regressions for about half a dozen variables in different combinations and nothing showed a fit of any significance. Well, almost nothing. I had measured the response against date. [...]

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24 Days of R: Day 19

Carrying on with the multi-level model, I'm going to look at the paid and incurred workers comp losses for a large number of insurance companies. This is a similar exercise to what I did last night, but I'm now working with real, rather than simulated data and the stochastic process is assumed to be different. [...]

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24 Days of R: Day 18

Earlier today, while looking for something else, I managed to stumble across a presentation given at the 2010 CAS RPM. (Egregious self-promotion: I'll be leading a day-long workshop at next year's RPM in Washington, DC.) I wasn't looking for a presentation on hierarchical models, but there one was. The fantastic Jim Guszcza has a great [...]

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24 Days of R: Day 16

Yesterday I said that I'd carry on with the monte carlo simulation of insurance data. I'm not going to as I don't think I've got enough time and mental energy to do it justice. I'm sure tens of people are disappointed to learn this. Instead, I'm going to have a look at the recently released [...]

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24 Days of R: Day 15

Over the course of the next few days, I'm going to try to find enough time to build up a reasonably simple simulation of insurance exposure and claims. I'll be taking a hierarchical view of the underlying process. As with pretty much everything that I write about, I'm writing about it as I'm learning about [...]

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