24 Days of R: Day 17

I couldn't manage to find time yesterday, so today I'm going to try and catch up with two posts. In the first, I'm going to talk about a package I've been gradually working on over the course of the year. After all, what's Christmas if you don't get a package? I do quite a lot [...]

Big RxR Blues

I've updated the GitHub repository for RxR with some bits of SQL that are hopefully useful. This is a very quick stab at establishing a basic schema definition for (re)insurance data. This first cut simply creates a table to store accounts, written premium and a query to get earned premium. The account table has an [...]

How to spend an inordinate amount of time becoming efficient

I've spent a good deal of 2012 constructing a data warehouse to manage all the various data elements that my company has. Although we're a small enterprise, the richness and complexity of the information is rather high. Moreover, as a data-driven organization, there's a strong impetus to construct meaningful analysis with every bit of input [...]