Makefiles and RMarkdown

Quite some time ago (October 2013, according to Amazon), I bought a copy of “Reproducible Research with R and RStudio” by Christopher Gandrud. And it was awesome. Since then, I’ve been using knitr and RMarkdown quite a lot. However, until recently, I never bothered with a makefile. At the time, I had assumed that it [...]

Stuff I’ve gotten horribly wrong

I'm the first (I hope) to admit when I've gotten something wrong. I like to think I'm humble enough to realize that there are limits to my knowledge. Actually, humility doesn't enter into it. Every day I'm confronted with things that I don't know or understand. Those same limits can often blind me to being [...]

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Recursive assignment

Here's yet another example where I just need to read the help files. Before I go on, I should add my own notion as to why that's not always easy to do. On loads of message boards, you'll see people say- correctly- that the documentation is very clear on XYZ. True. But that's only relevant [...]

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Another skewed normal distribution

At the CLRS last year, Glenn Meyers talked about something very near to my heart: a skewed normal distribution. In loss reserving (and I'm sure, many other contexts) standard linear regression is less than ideal as it presumes that deviations from the mean are equally distributed. We rarely expect this assumption to hold (though we [...]

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