Triangle Open Data Day 2014

A rare live blog post today. I'm writing this from Triangle Open Data Day 2014. This will basically be a page of links that I'll try to get around to later. GIS resources: QGIS - an open source GIS app! Download it here: I can't wait to play around with this. PostGIS - Geospatial [...]

24 Days of R: Day 8

I saved the data from the last post which shows the percentage of Republican voters in each county. In addition to that column, I also have figures from the 2010 census. This will show things like age, ethnicity, urbanization and home ownership. Those census figures show actual population counts, so they'll need to be altered [...]

Loss reserving has a new, silly name

I started using Git some time ago, but mostly for local work files. Today, I finally sync'ed up a repository for loss reserving analysis. It may be found here: MRMR stands for Multivariate Regression Model for Reserves. When pronounced "Mister Mister" it also sounds like a thankfully forgotten American soft pop band from the [...]

You can’t spell loss reserving without R

Last year, I spent a morning trying to return to first principles when modeling loss reserves. (Brief aside to non-actuaries: a loss reserve is the financial provision set aside to pay for claims which have either not yet settled, or have not yet been reported. If that doesn't sound fascinating, this will likely be a [...]

NFL Code on Github

I've made some revisions and simplifications to the code to compile NFL data. It's now all out on Github for anyone to play with in advance of the Superbowl. In the meantime, here's a lovely picture comparing every team's offense- as measured by total offensive yards- against their defenders. Note the anemic Chicago offense.